I am a work in progress.

As a mother, wife, nurse, entrepreneur, and all the other labels I can think of that can be used to describe me one thing remains true, I am a work in progress. By this I mean to point out the fact that I know I haven’t reached my full potential and I remain a work in progress. One of my goals this year was to read 4 personal development books a month, insert laughing emoji here, but that hasn’t happened yet and we are already 2 months into the year. I am somehow okay with this as I know I am a work in progress, 5 years ago I used to scoff at the thought of reading non fiction books , unless it was required reading for a class of done sort,as I deemed them a bit of a bore but that was before I started requiring more from myself and others. I was living a happy life , I had let society define what living was supposed to be. This entailed getting a good education, getting job that would provide and saving towards retirement. Needless to say this outlook has changed and I have somehow started to require more of myself and my family. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend one of Tony Robbins’ seminars , I am pleased to report that I am an “Unleash The Power Within” alumni and that is what I believe was the beginning of my path to greatness. As I contend, I am not there yet, I remain a work in progress but I am pleased with what I am destined to become. I finally got the realisation that I am the main person that can create the future I desire. It is through my visualization of my goals and dreams that I will get the drive to work towards the vision I have for my life. Through my own life experience I have come to realize that we only have one life to live and by not living life to our fullest potential we are somehow doing a disservice to god and ourselves. God gives us gifts and by not using these gifts we are letting them go to waste. This new resolve has made me require more of myself and has raised the bar in forcing me to acknowledge that there’s a lot more that I have to learn.

I have come to the realization that greatness leaves clues, and these clues are written down in the form of books. I have read and learned so much from the different books I have read, and I realize that this is a great strategy for gaining knowledge. This year one of my goals is to get into the real estate game, by that I mean I want to get a rental property that will help increase our net worth so that we can start creating a legacy to leave for our offspring . I think owning property is a great way of acquiring wealth and although I realize we have a long way to go , I am excited that there is opportunity for us to join others that are using this strategy to get there. I have therefore decided to educate myself so that we can also set our kids up for future success. One of our major 2018 goals is to acquire a rental property that will help us provide for our kids. Ignorance and lack of knowledge is an excuse that is readily available to be used as a reason for not doing something, I could easily talk myself out of starting the real estate investment journey since I don’t know what I am doing, but I refuse to be defeated before I have even started. I will educate myself and I hope to come back and report how it all goes. I am going to be using books that have been written to educate myself on best strategy and the pitfalls to avoid. Just as this works for real estate it works for other aspects of our lives. There is no shame in admitting that we are a work in progress and each day presents us with an opportunity to learn something new. I am therefore revisiting my goal of attempting to read 4 personal development/self improvement books a month. Although I have only managed to read a book a month I know it can be done and that will be a priority for the month of March. If I can increase my books read to 2 a month for the month of March I should be at goal by May. I am ever the optimist and that is why I am okay with being a work in progress.

Till the next post.

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