Happy Women’s Day

Today I am going to bask in my womanhood. I am so glad there is a day that is specifically dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements. Women have long since been the fiber that holds society together but haven’t been awarded the accolades they deserve. There is bound to be those that disagree and the beauty of life is that people are entitled to their opinions.

Women are all things amazing, they run homes and industries , they are nurturers and behind the scenes they make their men better. The saying goes behind every great man is a great woman and I couldn’t agree more. It probably wasn’t until I became a mother and wife that I began to appreciate all the things my mother has done that never get appreciated. We are generally brought up believing that men are the heads of the household which they generally are but an emphasis hasn’t been placed on the fact that the women are the necks that hold that head up. The men that realise this are the ones that experience a lot of happiness and success. Lets also not forget the ladies that are holding it up as single parents and all those fierce warrior’s out there chasing their dreams.It is time we start to applaud and honor women for all they do. I am keeping this short and sweet as I give salute to all my fellow wonderful women out there.

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