Why This Blog

Last year one of my biggest goals was to write a book and publish it. This was a goal I had had for years but it was always one of those to be done at a later stage type of goal. I really did not have much reason to push myself to write the book, there was always something more pressing that required my time. I do not consider myself lazy but I have been know to procrastinate like the best of them. I do work well under pressure and I am pretty good at working to deadlines but I am now beginning to realize that better time management skills can help me where this is concerned. I have also learned that motivation plays a big role towards goal attainment. It was only when I had a good reason behind writing the book that I then found myself creating the time to actually start writing the book. Another driving force was my desire to share my story and message. I had been writing in a journal during my husbands hospitalization as I had found this to be a good coping mechanism for myself. When my husband read the journal entries he encouraged me to write a book as he felt it would be a great way of educating people about the importance of having health insurance and preparing for the worst things that could happen in life. My husband was 40 when he got diagnosed with a spinal tumor and had to have spinal surgery. He is still recovering and waiting on a follow up surgery and he hasn’t been able to go back to work. My goal in writing my book was to open up people to the importance of preparing for the unexpected in life. We were fortunate that we had health insurance through my work and that he had long term disability insurance through his work. This has been a saving grace as we would be in financial ruin if we didn’t have those things in place. I am therefore trying to spread the message that it is never a bad idea to prepare for the worst in life. Its crazy when you think that people are willing to get insurance for their cars and personal properties and yet others are still reluctant to insure themselves. They forget that they are the biggest investment for their families as they are the ones that are providing for their families. I truly believe that if the livelihood of your family is reliant on your ability to work and provide for them then you should make every possible arrangement to insure yourself. You need to be asking yourself whether your family will be able to exist without the income that you bring into your home. Whether temporary or continuous, my husband’s illness was really an eye opener for us and we are fortunate that we had the proper insurance in place. Health insurance through my work and long term insurance though his work. His income is being partially replaced through the long term disability insurance and his ongoing medical treatments are being covered through my employer sponsored health insurance. I am grateful everyday because I am fully aware of what financial mess we could have been in had we not had these insurance plans in place. I have since maxed out my life insurance and other insurance plans that I have because I want to make sure my family will be provided for should anything happen to me or their dad.

I wrote my book to spread the message of preparation and living to our full potential now. I came to the realization that we really have limited control of what can happen to us but we can do a lot to prepare for events as well as live the life we always dream of living but yet never do anything about. My husbands surgery made me revisit my goals and I am slowly working down my list of what I have always wanted to do. One of the things on the list was to write a book and I am proud to have written one. The other was to start blogging and I have been able to do that. One major goal is to pay off my debt, and although I am a long way away I am on the right path. I am openly looking at my debt and addressing each one at a time. The biggest debt I have is my student loan and I know that with time this will get paid off . I decided to start this blog to share my story but at the same time to be a voice for those that need to hear this story. Are you prepared for the worst, is your family going to be ok in the event something was to happen to you? Ask yourselves these questions and start thinking seriously about your answers and take the necessary steps to help yourselves if needed.

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