Watch your words!!

Our words have the power to inspire others but at the same time they can be used as a weapon to hurt those we love. I would like us all to master the art of using our words impeccably, I try to be mindful of the words or language I use especially around my kids. I am not one to swear a i never found that to be attractive, I don’t see the need for using profanity to get ones point across. I was a young mom had my son at age 22 so I had to grow up quick and I knew I had to be a great role model. I make a conscious effort to choose my words carefully as I realize that my words can either build somebody up or bring somebody down. As a leader I know that my words have the power to hurt but at the same time they can help someone grow. I am now more aware of the power my words have and as an aspiring speaker I hope to get to the point where my words can be used to inspire and move others to become better versions of themselves. As a parent my words can be soothing but at the same time they can be hurtful. My son once told me that I was “extra”, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but I do admit to wanting to be in the know about his activities or where abouts. Here I am with the goal of helping him grow to be a better version of himself but he sees it as me meddling too much and asking him too many questions. I guess there is strategy to this motherhood thing and I will have to work more at establishing a rapport that gets me there. I have to learn to stop and think through the words that will come out of my mouth because there is a lot to be learned.

As someone in a leadership role I also realize that I have the opportunity to build up or bring someone down. I have to choose my words carefully so that I get the respect from my colleagues while at the same be able to choose words that can encourage them to be better and get better at what they do. Words have been used as a weapon to hurt others and I am guilty of that crime. I have done it before, using words to hurt my spouse is something I have done before and that is just shady. I am human and I will confess to my wrong doing but I also realise that life gives us opportunities to become better human beings. I realise that growth is found in the realization that our words can be used as a weapon, this requires the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge over the years. We are blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to shape peoples lives,whether it be our kids, our neighbours , or families , or the people we work with. We have to be mindful of the words we use, and it is our human citizenship duty to ensure we spread some hope and goodness through our words by being encouraging and kind to others. If we have to disagree with others we have to do so in a more respectful way than what some leaders choose to do. Let us be the ones that lead by example, and while we are watching what our words are doing let us also remember to STOP, TAKE A BREATH AND REASSESS LIFE.

With Love and Gratitude

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