Mothers Day

Hello to all you fabulous mothers out there you all really deserve to be celebrated. As a mother of three I know first hand the amount of work you put into raising your kids. We do deserve to be celebrated but I also believe that we have to invest in our self care through out the year and not just wait for the one day in the year.

As my oldest child graduates from high school this year I sit back in awe and admire the work that has gone into raising him and his two siblings. It has certainly been a team effort but I also have to credit my mother. She has been a solid presence in my life and has raised me to be the mother I am today. My relationship with my mother has matured over the years, she is my rock and best friend but she still has the power to make me feel like that little girl waiting for permission to go out and play. When we were growing up my mother had that one look that would make you whimper down and leave a room if you were caught misbehaving. I try and do the same with my kids but somehow they don’t seem to read facial looks from me. I am blessed beyond measure that my mother has been so present in my kids lives and that she has helped to raise them into the great kids they are today. That is why it is extra important for me to share this post with you that as mothers we need to celebrate ourselves everyday.

It has become more apparent to me that we don’t take the time to pat ourselves on the back often enough. We are so busy juggling and balancing different roles that self appreciation somehow goes out the window. I am here to say that has to now become a priority. Take the time to appreciate yourself and to take care of your self. The more roles you juggle the more necessary it is for you to start considering the concept of Self Care. You need Self Care in order for you to cope with the demands of mother hood.

Self Care in its simplest form is taking the time to make sure that you are doing things that address your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

1.Take the time to hang out with your friends and spouse.

2.Give yourself time to shut down at the end of the day and just relax your brain without the worry of the big to do list you have circling in your brain.

3. Check into the local massage parlor every now and again and enjoy a nice long massage if funds are a factor Groupon usually has some great deals.

4. Date yourself….I usually take myself to the local bookstore and wander the self help isles looking for a good book to read.

5. Take that long soak in the bath and let the days worries just soak right off you.

6. Learn the art of meditation so that you can completely shut out the chaos that usually surrounds you.

7. Yearly physicals with your physician is a must especially now as we grow older.

8. Find a physical activity that you enjoy whether it be walking, cycling, swimming etc and make the time to get active.

9. Dig deep and find the things you love to do and start making the effort to create time for them.

10. Stop, Take a Breath, and Reassess Life. Especially when the big stack of laundry or the dirty dishes piling up start giving you palpitations.

The list can go long but the key take away should be for you great mommas to start looking after yourselves too because your kids need healthy well rounded moms.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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