I dropped the ball, and I am okay with that.

Hello all , I dropped the ball this week but that’s ok. Im woman enough to own up to the fact that I was not able to stick to my plan. Here I am at 6 p.m. in the evening scrambling to write my Monday blog post. I have been on a great routine thus far. Since the beginning of quarter two of this year I was on time with my Monday blog posts. I had a routine and it was working out but somehow life happened and I just quiet wasn’t able to write on time this time around but that’s okay I dropped the ball, I am acknowledging it and I am moving on. It’s still Monday and I can still finish this blog. I usually get it done the night before but this will still get the job done

Do you ever find yourself kicking yourself out for not doing something that you were supposed to do? Does the kicking yourself out change anything in that instance, probably not ? So why stress about it. In that instance all you have to do is own it and ask the right questions and move on from that. I know exactly what went wrong, I didn’t plan my time appropriately. On reflecting back there is nothing written down in my diary for this past week and as such my time allocation was affected.

I got distracted by a few good reads and buried myself deep in trying to finish those books. I learned a lot but I let my schedule get affected. This is not the end of the world this just goes to show that You need flexibility in your life. Just breath and move on. The joy of living is choosing how you respond to certain pitfalls. I choose to learn and move on.

Here’s to an awesome week.

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