Whats a Julying

What’s going on with your July, mine is going great as you know from my last blog post I am on a 30 day optimism challenge where I wake up and list down 5 things I am grateful for and 5 things I am optimistic about for that day. So far I feel it’s making a a positive difference in my life, I have started seeing some progress in the different life categories of my life. Small steps but positive moves all the same.

My July has also been interesting to say the least, in case you didn’t know, I am a huge Lebron James fan. So yes, I dont support a team but I support an individual basketball player and I am okay with that. I mean the guy is a supernatural freak of nature. But for real the reason why I love Lebron James so much is because of his work ethic. You have to acknowledge and give credit where credit is due. Those that hate keep hating, but given similar circumstances I would also seek out the opportunities that would bring me the high chances of success. Especially when I know that I am putting my heart and soul into something.

This will always be a subject of contention but such is life. I know I am being true to myself and my values and belief system are at peace. People are entitled to disagree with me and I am okay with that. I have learned that our life experiences shape our opinions, and with each layer of growth a certain amount of openmindedness is birthed. I am willing to hear people out and might even be persuaded one way or another, it just has to make sense to me.

This unlike most of my posts is a random philosophical post that just came out of me. I will randomly think out loud and that is part of the growing process. What do you do to let your thoughts out. I am finding blogging to be a great outlet for my random thoughts.

With love and gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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