Hello September

Hi there

Yes I have been gone a while but that’s okay. I am out here trying to live my best life now while also ensuring my mental health stays intact. Being the multifaceted person that I am my attention gets pulled in all sorts of directions and I have learned to let some things slip. It doesn’t mean I am a quitter, it just means I have become great at realizing it’s ok to take a break every now and again. Since my last posting I have been busy working on several projects and I even got a vacation in. My hubby and I went to Miami for my very dear friends 40th birthday celebration. It was fun and really worth while. I came back rejuvenated and ready to work hard so that I can create more opportunities for such breaks in the future. I therefore decided to also take a break from the blog as I was participating in yet another self improvement challenge. What I have learned is that learning is an ongoing process. We are never done, I learn something new every single day and that is a wonderful experience. I am not ashamed to admit I am a work in progress, I know more than I knew yesterday but I can truthfully acknowledge that there is plenty more for me to learn.

I have become so intrigued by the growth mindset realm that I am constantly trying to feed my mind with inspiring content. I am also actively trying to avoid negativity in my life because I have learned how draining it can be. Negativity just sucks the life out of me so I would rather focus on the joy of the moment. I know there are times when it seems as though nothing is going right but I have to always remind myself that the day will end and the sun will rise again. I have to tell myself that it is a season that will pass. This type of thinking gives me peace and allows me to think beyond my current situation. I can think back to previous times when situations might have seemed unbearable and come back to the present and see that I am still standing , this makes me realize that the season will pass and that the feelings are just temporary. I feed my mind daily with positive content whether it be reading a blog, or a book or watching a YouTube video I get content wherever I can. Talking to others of the same mindset also helps a whole bunch too. I actively avoid negativity and I am learning how to say NO without feeling guilty. If something looks like it will not bring me any value I happily say NO. My sanity is my priority.

I am excited by what this month has in store for me. I am off to Kigali and then Arusha for a few days. I have been enrolled in an entrepreneurial training and I am learning so much. Imagine a group of 200 hundred African women taking part in a training where we learn from each other. We are headed to Kigali for a summit and an opportunity to put names to faces and network with like minded people.

I am on a count down as I leave in 2 weeks time flying through Amsterdam so I will get to buy lots of European chocolates. I am going to share my adventures during my week away. I hope you will join me as I go along.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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