Dont sweat the small stuff

It’s been a while since I have been on this space. Today on mums birthday , I decided to get back into the swing of things.I have been busy in the background just figuring out life. Every so often I go through a growth spurt. Not just physical I am talking about mental and emotional growth as well. I am learning day by day not to take life too seriously. People will read this how they want and that is something I have come to accept and embrace. We are all different beings having been shaped by different environments and experiences. I am more accepting of the fact that people are entitled to their opinions. I recently read the book…dont sweat the small stuff ….its actually a series of books by Richard Carlson and I am going through them slowly. Since reading the first book my outlook on life has changed. I dont feel as stressed as I used to feel. I am generally a laid back kind of person but I feel this book has made me more laid back. What I am learning is that life happens and how you react to it is what determines your stress level. I personally don’t like stress, it’s not worth the stress. Things will go wrong…that’s just life, how you deal with it is really all that matters. Tommorow will still come….you might be broke today but you have the opportunity to change that story. The sun will rise again tommorow, take each day as it comes, dont overthink the present and you definitely cannot predict the future. You can however embrace lifes challenges and push yourself to your limits so that you create the life that you want to create for yourself. Yes it’s all but you…no one else can do it for you. The number one lesson I can share with anyone that wants a shortcut to success is the concept of self responsibility. There is no superhero coming to save you. You are the superhero of your story….that and not sweating the small stuff. You valley is someone else’s peak…there are others out there that have it worse of than you. So what if you didnt like the tone so and so took when they were talking to you…are you seriously going to let that affect your mood for the rest of the day. Dont seat the small stuff, dig deep and follow your dreams. As children we have no inhibitions, but somehow in adulthood society wants to limit our potential by boxing us into what it thinks we should be. Break free and do what you want to do but first…stop sweating the small stuff.

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