Where does the time go…

I always say time flies and it does. When we are busy just doing stuff without purpose we dont realize how quickly time flies. I am talking mainly in the context of goals unfulfilled. Have you ever written down goals with the thought that you will get to them and then realize that 6 months have gone by and you have done nothing related to your goals.? Well that’s what has happened to me. Last year I started off this blog with the best intentions. I even persistently posted every week for a while there. Then life happened, I suddenly became a very busy person. I was enrolled in an entrepreneurial training program, I took on some extra responsibilities at work,I partnered with my sister on a business, and I started taking my fitness journey seriously. This made it easier for me to slack and ignore the blog and the reason I started it became blurred and it was easy to just ignore it.

However I recently enrolled in several challenges this year, one was a Think and Grow Rich Learning challenge through empowered living, the other was As a man thinketh also through empowered living and most recently I participated in Brandon Burchards Transformation week. In all these there was an underlying theme that forced me to question my lifes purpose. I’m I living my life with purpose? I’m I doing something that aligns with my passions? This then led me to revisit my interests and passions to see what makes me happy. I have always escaped the passion question in the past. I love my job, I love my family but I had to ask what are my passions. I started asking myself what brought me joy in that list was travel, teaching, writing and reading. I therefore came back to blogging. I like to blog or share my views and I have written a book. I then asked myself what was my initial goal in writing the book. Why did I bother writing and self publishing my book. At the depth of it all is my desire to share my story in the hopes of educating women.

My husband had to undergo emergency surgery that we were both unprepared for and we are only now recovering from. I want to share my story in order to encourage women to be prepared for the unexpected. As nurtures we are disproportionately left responsible for a lot of things and most times we are ill prepared. I would like to share my experience in order to encourage conversations to happen. I have so much to share so why not use my passion for writing and reading to share the message. So I am back with my message and I will use my platform to get my message out. I am no Jada but I will start from somewhere and that is this blog.

Time does fly and as such we have to make sure we are living our time on this earth with purpose. It’s never too late to go back to the drawing board to seek out clarity. What are you passionate about, what are your interests? Is what you do aligned with what makes you happy?

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