Personal Growth

Over the past number of years I have been on a personal growth journey. I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a live Tony Robbins event courtesy of my very good friend Jude. I will forever be grateful as I was exposed to the personal development realm. I have made it my life’s mission to grow and I hope others will follow. The number one takeaway has been and will remain the fact that we have to have personal responsibility. In order to grow we have to be willing to accept that there is a need for growth. There was a point in time where for the longest time I blamed the outside world for where I was. This is what the majority of us do, we become victims of our circumstances and this then paralyzes us into thinking that this is the only life we can have. Well I am here to offer a different perspective. There is more to life than our current circumstances, if we only dare to dream, but alas we don’t even ask ourselves the right questions. Are we doing what we love ? Are we doing our life’s purpose? Michelle Obama in her book “Becoming Michelle Obama” is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t settle and why we need to ask ourselves the deep questions about what our life’s purpose is. For the longest time I just survived, I had family responsibilities, a job , a mortgage, a comfortable life. Somehow I knew there was more to life. I started asking myself if this was it…. Tony Robbins made me realize that there was more to life and that it was up to me to chase it. I have since written a book, started several businesses, and traveled to several countries. The only way I was able to start asking more of myself was through personal development. I took the time to start growing. I share some of the strategies I have used.

You Tube Videos

You don’t have to spend much to get great personal development content from the internet. You tube videos have been my saving grace, as I have been able to learn from the biggest names in personal development. Its easy to find the messages that resonate with you and that meet you where you are, but key to all this is for you to realize it all falls on you. You have to be ready for the growth otherwise you are just wasting your time.


As the years have gone by , I am reading more and more personal development books. Personal development has to become a lifestyle. You have to live and breath personal development. It takes effort and persistence, it’s not a one day type of deal. By this I mean you cant just read one book and think that is it, you have to constantly feed your mind so that you learn to function at a higher level while requiring more from yourself. We function at only 10% of our brains capability, this is according to Earl Nightingale (you can find him on you tube) can you imagine what you could achieve if you just pushed yourself that little bit more. Amazon has an abundance of personal development books. You just have to decide you want more for yourself and start feeding your mind with the right content. My goal for this year is to read 40 personal development books a big jump from the 15 I read last year. I am half way through the year and I am on book 15, I don’t know if I will achieve the goal but it keeps me going, and I am increasing my knowledge daily.


I am signed up to so many personal development groups and they regularly run challenges. I have thus far participated in 2 book challenges, Think and Grow Rich and As a man thinketh. This entailed commiting to these challenges by reading and watching video content that thought content from these books. Im I now expert (not really) but I now know more than I did yesterday and if I go back and re read these books I know I will be able to have multiple new aha moments.

Your crowd.

By this I mean the people you hang around with. Are they bringing you up or are they bringing you down. There is a saying that states, you are the average of the people you hang around with. If you surround yourself with successful hard working people you will find yourself aspiring to become more like them. However if you hang around with the victims, or those that are unwilling to take responsibility for their lives and futures , you will find yourself retiring to mediocrity. You will become the status quo the 95% of people that let life happen to them.

I can go on and on but I feel these 4 points are enough to get you thinking about starting your personal development journey should you decide to start i.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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