Kids and Travel

I count myself lucky as I had the opportunity to live in different countries when I was growing up and as a consequence i consider myself a global citizen. I am grateful to god that I had this experience early on in life because it has made me open minded to different cultures and beliefs and I feel that is also where my interest in travel was piqued. Now that I am grown and have my own kids I would like them to also experience other countries and cultures as well.

My kids love to travel and they have been able to travel with us a few times to both Tanzania and Malawi but I would like them to also experience countries in other continents as well. We are therefore planning a trip to Europe more specifically England this coming christmas. My sister recently moved back to the UK and this will provide us with the perfect opportunity to visit her and her family for christmas. We get to see family while getting the opportunity for my kids to travel to a new country. They are excited they will get to see their cousins but not so happy about not staying in a hotel. What is it with kids and hotels? My kids cant get enough of them. Since we are planning a big trip in August i told my kids that we would not be having a big vacation over the summer, needless to say, they were not overly excited about this. In order to make them feel like they had at least done something fun we arranged a few local trips where we ended up staying in hotels for a night. Surprisingly this was well received…. i have read that any trips away with kids will always be well received as it makes them feel loved and appreciated as you are taking the time to bond with them. These are the fun memories your kids will take with them into adulthood.

I find this to be true as the fondest memories from my childhood are those that involved us going away somewhere and staying in a hotel. I am being intentional with life and since I am proactively encouraging women to plan for their futures I am also encouraging them to plan for trips away with their kids as these are the best gifts you can give them. They get to learn about the world around them as well as stock up great memories of their childhoods. I think I will book as a one night hotel stay while we visit my sister in England over christmas I know this will make my kids happy. Whats the use of having marriot reward points if you don’t take advantage of them. I am not a good planner but this new journey of intentional living is forcing me to change my habits one day at a time. How will you create great memories for your kids?

with Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani


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