Buzz Words

As I was contemplating what to write about this week the ideas of buzz words came to me. I have shared that I am on a growth journey and my reading and research and willingness to be open minded has led me to different buzzwords that I am coming across. I am all about these buzz words because I truly see the value in them and how they can help me on this enlightened path that I am now on. As you all know I am on a debt free journey. My goal is to pay off my debt and start working towards financial freedom. All this is possible, I have been listening to pod cast after podcast to get myself in the right mindset and what I am discovering is that it is possible. I am hearing all these stories from people that were able to get themselves out of debt and some that were even able to pay off their mortgages. This actually gets me excited because I can now visualize what debt freedom will look like and what it will mean. Now that I have started paying attention to my money I can see that debt freedom will mean more cash in my pocket for me to actually do all the travelling I want to do. I now realize that you need a workable plan to get to debt freedom. I used to say that I wanted to retire at age thirty and thirty came along and then I changed it to age thirty-five and then age forty. The thought was there the dream was there but there was no plan, the fact is I wasn’t thinking about how this could happen I was just thinking that I would like for it to happen. I now realize that you have to have a plan and this realization has come from my readings and goals. I want the money I make to be going to me and the only way to guarantee that is by paying off my debt as a starting point. I am also really into personal development because I had the self responsibility aha moment come to me. I realize that I am the one that has to take responsibility for the trajectory that I want my life to take.

In this realization of self responsibility I have seen that I am capable of achieving so much through hard work and taking ownership for my growth. This is where the buzzwords come in. As I have been reading and listening to different podcasts I have come across the word “mindset” so many times, you have to have a certain mindset in order to follow your goals and dreams and this is one of the buzzwords I wanted to bring to light. Another buzzword is self-care, the ability to realize that you are worthy to be loved by yourself. Self-care is something I have learned to embrace and it is serving me well. I realize that in this new instant gratification world where social media rules we forget to take the time to care for ourselves. We are being ruled by deadlines and what is going out there that we easily forget to take a minute for ourselves. I have made it a point to create time for myself so that I can function to my full potential without feeling superbly stressed out. I go to the gym , and I date myself whenever time permits. I took myself out just the other day, went to a brewery and had me a nice juicy burger and just enjoyed my own company. This helps me with my sanity as I am able to just slow everything down and partake in another buzzword activity. “Mindfulness” .. being present and savoring the taste , the smell, and the environment. It is important for us to take the time to be mindful of what is going on around us. This makes it possible for us to live with “intention” another buzzword that I am falling in love with. I say this because I feel that is where I am now. I am living each day with intention, I have started asking myself what is important and what is not important and I make the things that are important a priority for me, this is where I am now trying to live my life intentionally and with purpose. We can easily get carried away with the business of life and not really ask ourselves the important questions in life.. such as what our passions are, what makes us happy and what we want to truly be doing with our lives. One final buzzword that I am attracted to is meditation, I like the idea behind it but it remains a work in progress for me. I try my best to meditate when I wake up but I ma still a work in progress, I realize that mastering meditation will require a lot of practice from me . I also realize that it is a skill that will help me with my mindset, self-care and my intentional living journey.

What buzzwords have you been coming across and which ones are applicable to you right now in whatever journey you find yourself in. Please do share.

With Love and Gratitude

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