Time Investment

This weekend my sister came to visit me from out of State and the bonus was she came with her kids and hubby. She is really my best friend whom I have known since I was 9 years old…over time the lines between friendship and family have become blurred and she is now someone I consider my sister, we have literally grown up together.

We had a very hectic weekend, she arrived with her family on friday. We took opportunity of the precious time together to do as much as we could but the time just didn’t seem to be enough. That’s when I started reflecting on where I am investing my time and how that makes me feel. I find when I have a deep connection with someone time flies and I can be my authentic self without feeling the pressure of what topics to speak about. I am a teacher by nature in that I like to share what I know and this might at times be taken the wrong way by some. Those that get me, get me and they have no judgement or pre conceived ideas about where I am coming from or who I think I am. So I feel in some crowds I have to dim my light and just listen and observe, which I am actually okay with. This is not a ccomplaint just an observation.

I felt that this weekend went pretty well and way too fast, I was free to talk about my dreams, aspirations, and future plans without feeling judged or that I was over sharing. I felt that the time I have invested in nurturing my sisterhood and friendship becomes all worth while when I can see the positive feelings it brings to my spirit. I had the best time but still felt that the time wasnt long enough. One thing that I have learned is that I need to invest the time nurturing the relationships that matter to me. How do you ensure that you are nurturing the right relationships?

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