Hi Everyone

I would like to tackle the concept of fea, because whether we like it or not we face fear all the time. Some of us have become really good at recognizing it and facing it whilst others still struggle with fear.

Fear shows up whenever we are trying to better ourselves whether it be starting a new job, starting a new business, learning a new skill or trying to achieve new goals. Best believe fear will show up and it usually shows up as self doubt and negative self talk. We hate failure and when ever we are trying out something new we cant help but fear failure. No one likes to fail but at times this is sometimes the only path towards success. It would be amiss for me to say that you will always be successful in the endeavors that you decide to take on. I can say with certainty that you will definitely learn from trying how else would you know if what you are attempting will work out you have to think it through and try it out.

When faced with fear, acknowledge the feeling. Yes I am trying something new, yeah I am scared I might fail but so what. Will people laugh at me, maybe ….but who cares. This is something you are doing for you and not them. Do you truly believe that people spend that much time thinking about you? If they do then bohoo to them there is so much I know I would personally be doing with my free time than spend it talking about what so and so is doing, bu that is just me. I get scared, but I always feel out the fear and ask myself clarification questions.

1) Why I’m I scared?

2) What would it take to get over the fear?

3) Sowhat if I fail, what’s the worst that

could happen?

4) What do I have to learn to get the confidence to try it out?

5) Let’s say I tried and I succeeded, what would that mean for me?

6) What could I potentially learn either way?

7) How could I step it out so that the first step I need to take isnt as overwhelming as the big goal?

8) Who else has done this?

9) How did they do it?

10) If I came up with this goal it means that I can do it….I just have to work at doing it…then I would start to list out all the reasons why I can take on whatever it is that my mind has birthed in me.

Fear will always be there….look back at all the things you have been able to master and overcome…give yourself a pat on the back …you know what it it to overcome fear.

With love and gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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