Hello all, So I moved from my weekly blog posts to monthly blog posts and that was mainly for self care purposes. I am setting up a consulting business and I knew that would require a lot of my time. I already work full time, I am on a financial abundance journey, I have family and kids to also consider and added to that, I am an entrepreneur and want to show up 100%. I realized that some things had to go and the weekly blog post was one of the things I decided to cut back on. I am doing so much reading and note taking that I had to be creative in how I was spending my time. Needless to say I am still here and I will show up once a month until my situation changes again.

Well the last month of the year is upon us and I felt this was a great time for us to reflect on the year that’s about to end as we start to plan on our goals for the upcoming year.

Reflection in this context: an opportunity to reconsider events,thoughts, and feelings from a fresh perspective. I like to use reflection as a learning tool. Working in the medical field affords me with lots of opportunities for reflective practice. Such opportunities offers one the opportunity to identify areas where they do well and areas that might need some work.

I also encourage my direct reports to use reflection in identifying where they did well, where they could have done better and areas where they could benefit from more skill and knowledge development. Self assessment is in my opinion a better way of learning than relying on others to identify gaps.

Back to the topic at hand, I would encourage you all to look back at 2019 and identify where you did well, where you could have done better, and where you just straight up gave up. Celebrate your wins…you will be surprised by how much you have actually achieved this past year. I always surprise my self when I see the list of achievements I am able to come up with. Listing down your wins is a great way of showing yourself that you have actually achieved a lot.

Next identify where you didnt quite perform as you would have wanted, use this as a reflective exercise in order to identify your barriers. Ask yourself what went wrong? Was it a lack of resources, a lack of support, a lack of motivation? What can set you up for success if you were to try again?

Use this month to focus on you and what is important to you, use this reflective exercise to guide you in living your life by design, the way you want to live it.

I dont know about you, but my list of achievements from 2019 is awesome…I am proud to report that I carried through most of my goals. That makes me smile because it means that I am getting away from conformity and doing things that I want to do and not what society thinks I should be doing. I am living self leadership in practice. I am living my life on my terms by my design and there is no reason why you all cant do the same.

I am creating clarity around what is important to me and focusing on the activities that help me move towards the life I want. If I can create the ideal life I dont see why any one else shouldn’t.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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