As I sit here getting ready to attack 2020, I cant help but be appreciative of what I have been blessed with in my life. Family, friends, health, ambition, and even debt. All these things make me the person I am today. I am continually on a journey of self discovery, learning daily that learning actually never ends. Each challenge that I face becomes an opportunity for further development.

I have been able to accept my own personal limitations as what they are, fear of failure. That voice that likes to talk you out of doing things you want to do, that is fear. That is your own screwed up way of making you think you need to be protected from failure. The subconscious mind is an interesting concept worth getting your head around. Once you master it you will be amazed at how easily you will start allowing yourself to dream big and follow your dreams.

Have I mastered it? Nope, but I am willing to work at mine. I am starting off by choosing a word for the year. This is a personal development recommendation I have been coming across in my vast reading. Choose a word and mantra for the year and let that guide you in your goals and objectives for the year.

The word that I have chosen for myself is courage. I am going to need courage to fully commit 100% to my big goal for the year. I am determined to launch a Healthcare Consultancy business that will rely solely on my hard work and commitment and I realize that I am going to need courage to see it through. I also have a mantra that I will be using to get me through the times where procrastination will come a knocking. My 2020 mantra is If not now then when. My word and mantra for 2020 will create the basic foundation that will be required to work on my subconscious mind in order to keep me on the straight and narrow where my consulting business aspirations are concerned. I would like nothing more than to come back here 6 months from now to report back on what I would have achieved by then.

If you have never considered having a word and mantra for the year I urge you to come up with some and use those to help you in whatever you aspire to achieve this coming year.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

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