Goal Setting

If you have been following me for a while you will realize that goal setting is a favorite subject of mine. This is because I have learned the power of goal setting over the years. It is therefore not surprising that I have decide to revisit the subject in my first blog post for the year.

I have been laying low with lots going on in the background. A bit about myself, I am a clinical lead in a medical intensive care unit and unless you have been living in a cave somewhere you are aware of the fact that the world is experiencing a pandemic right now. My life has been completely consumed with Covid-19 for the past four months and I needed to get back to my creative outlet of writing and here I am back to my blogging and sharing my message.

I have always felt a calling to work with women. Being a woman myself I am awed by the strength and resiliency that is shown by my fellow women despite the steepness of the mountain that they have to climb. I feel that any helping hand they can be offered is a plus for all womankind. I am therefore using my voice to empower women to live more intentional lives. There is so much that can be achieved with a deliberate plan for life. I am therefore a strong proponent of following your dreams but with intention.

This all starts with deliberate goal setting and a plan for achieving these goals. There is strategy to goal setting that I feel most of us havent quite figured out. I used to have the grandest of goals but I always failed to make any movement towards achieving them because they were so far removed from what my reality. I needed to break them down into small steps to give myself a fighting chance of success but alas I didn’t know any better. This has all changed now, I am making steady progress towards my life goals and my life feels like it has purpose because I am living each day intentionally. Working towards my goals of a fulfilling spiritual life filled with close relationships, great career, financial abundance and opportunities to impact others. This is where I find myself.

I decided to live intentionally and that required creating goals in my main life categories. This provided me with the focus and structure to create the life of my dreams. It started with the decision to live intentionally and that provided me with the opportunity to ask myself empowering questions. What did living an intentional life look like and who would I have to become and what would I have to do to get myself on this path of intentional living. It started with investing the time to do the deep thinking to the inclusion of taking a Life Coaching Certification and here I am today. Ready to share my knowledge and experience with like minded women that are ready to live an intentional life.

I have created a free workshop on goal setting that can help you look at goal setting from a different angle. Go ahead and download this free gift from me as you start on your own journey of living an intentional life. My goal is to empower you to live intentionally today while striving for your brighter future.

Download your free gift below

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