MY Half Marathon Goal

I have written previously on goals, I think they are an important element the intentional living journey lif. In my personal expereince I find that having goals gives me structure and keeps me focused. I have a busy mind, a mind that is constantly spinning from one idea to another if I was to leave my mind to its own devices I don’t know where I would be right now. The way I am able to fucniton and stay focused is through goals. I create goals for my life and take steps towards them, currently I am in a period of self exploration and trying to do things that bring me joy. The enlightening moment for me was when I had to list down my hobbies and I realized that I really didnt have a list of hobbies that came easily to me. I mean I love to watch netflix movies and I enjoy reading but are these really hobbies? This then had me thinking , especially as I am preaching intentional living is the way to go, do I make the time for my so called hobbies, and what are my hobbies? I then looked at what was important to me and what I was aiming for and whether I could create a hobby that was alligned with my lifes aspirations.

I work in a medical ICU and I saw through covid how the majority of our patients were those that had pre-exisitng conditions and how most of these conditions can be prevented through lifestyle modifications. I also have a familial history of cancer, hypertension, and diabetes on my maternal side. These factors forced me to revisit my health goals and put the idea of regular exercise into my head. How could I incooperate exercise into my daily routine so that I was doing my bit to prevent myself from getting the diseases that I had a high probability of getting. I decided to make exercise a part of my lifestyle. Not an easy decision to make but something that had to be done. I therefore got into runnning though it is still a work in progress . I did not realize how much head work is required to keep you in the game so that you don’t give up. Running is hard especially when you have so much noise in your head that is trying to convince you to just quit. Needless to say I have decided to make running a very important aspect of my intentional life,

I am on a half marathon training schedule. this is one of the goals I decided to go for this 2022, dont ask me why, it just seemed like a great idea because it helped me tick off an element of my health goals. As I train for this half marathon I am learning more and more everyday. I believe it will not just help me towards my health goals but it will also be a big boost in my personal development goals. Running all those miles takes a certain amount of will power and commitment. I have been training and the longest run I had was an 11 mile run last week and this took a lot out of me.The next run after that was a 3 mile run and I found that my doubts came back. At 3 miles my voices came back and were rather convincing. Based on my success at 11 miles though a slow run at that I can successfully complete a half marathon but I know that my speed is not the best. I used to be able to run 10 minute miles but I am now struggling with 13 minute miles. My body feels heavy and I struggle to keep myself going. I am therefore commiting to improving my time so that I can be at 10 minute miles by the time the half marathon rolls by in June. I will keep myself accountable by sharing my journey as I go along.

With love and Gratitude


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