Multi-Passionate….Yes thats a thing

During covid I learned a few things about myself and I am here to share the ahas. I am one of those individuals who strives when I fell like I am doing somehting productive. Meditation is a challenge because my mind is in constant flux. I started this article with “during covid” because I would like to believe that we are over the worst of it. The covid numbers at work give me hope. For transpereancy sake I work in a medical ICU in San Diegos Healthcare Leader… call me biased… I am okay with that . The number of covid patients that we have been seeing has dramatically decreased and this gives me hope and the audacity to get back to my other passions.

I am a writer at heart, I love to express my feeling through the written word and somehow covid took that away from me. The last time I wrote an article on this platform was sometime in July 2020. Incredibly a bunch of time has passed since then. I think I was holding on with baited breath in case the other shoe dropped, and somehow all seems calm on the frontline end so I take it as a sign to get back to my other passions. I learned to accept that it is okay to have mutliple passions so lets start with one of them… writing and being an author.

When I wrote my book “Stop, Take a breath and Reassess Life” my goal was to share my story in the hopes of helping others take stock of their lives. I was on a mission to encourage people to realize that life happens and when it does we should learn from it. My lesson at that point was to take stock of the financial mess that was my life and do something about it. I am proud to share that I have taken lots of steps towards improving my financial situation and at the same time I have come to the realization that I like helping people figure their lives out. I realized through my own deep work that the resources are there when we are ready and willing to take responsibility for our lives and as such take ownersip of our success and mishaps. When we are ready the teacher appears in one form or another. I wanted to become that teacher so I went ahead and enrolled myself in a Life Coaching Certification Course. Did the work and had a few clients, then went back into my shell all in response to the unkown that was covid.

I am now here to say I am ready to share the knowledge that I gained through my own personal experiences and my Life Coaching Training with the world. At the same time I am ready and feel the need to get back to my writing passion. So you will find me posting a lot more personal development, life coaching themed articles all in the hope of encouraging others to live more intentionally. Thats my niche…. I encourage women to live intentional lives… because I have found that life is too short for us to live it sitting in the bleachers. We have to take it by the horns and follow our dreams and aspirations.

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