Why I became a Life Coach. In my own words.

I empower women to live intentional lives” that is my tag line and my current mission as a life coach. It has been over five years since I had my wake up call. I was sitting in a waiting room, ruminating on the chaos that I felt was my life while my husband was undergoing a life altering spinal operation. If you have ever had the opportunity to give informed consent for an operation to a nuerosurgeon who just finished explaining the multiple possible unwanted outcomes then you know how scary that can be. As I sat in that waiting room I kept thinking about whether we would be able to weather the financial consequences of this bump in the road. We had never intentionally planned for anything like this. Who does? we were young , in our prime working age, living the so called American dream with car loans, credit card debt, and good old mortgage in tow. The surgery went as well as expected but it required a prolonged recovery period.

Having to take the 6 weeks off from work was a blessing as I was available for all the rehab and Drs appoitnments which came following what had ended up being a 10 hour surgery. I live in California, we have family medical leave and I was able to continue getting a percentage of my salary. My husbands job benefits also included long term disability and we were able to rely on this. These are the types of things I never had a reason to pay attention to because I was just living life without a care in the world. I had never intentionally asked myself What I wanted from life ? Dont get me wrong I had done pretty well for myself up to that point but was it enough? I was married, had my 3 kids, my parents lived with us half the time to help with the kids, we had 3 cars, I had managed to graduate from my Doctoral program but……. I was not intentionally living. If I was I would have been better prepared for the road block that came when my husband was suddenly taken out of commision. How many people would be able to handle the loss of income for any length of time? My initial focus was finances… I started to question how many people were financially ignorant and I felt the deep need to share my experience in order to educate people to become more financially responsible for their lives. That is why I wrote my book “Stop, Take a Breath and Reassess Life”… in it I share my journey to financial enlightenment which I am still on by the way.

If I was here, financially scrumbling as educated as I am how many other people were in a similar situation, and how many of them could benefit from the insight I had just had. That is when my passion to share my experience was born. But I realized that a holisitc apporach to life was what was important to me… yes finances are important but so are other things in life. I started doing the work and started answering my own questions. What did I want from life? What did I want to be remembered for? What experiences did I want to experience in lifetime? What kind of relationships did I want? The more I dug the more I realized that I was not living an intentional life. I was just being, I was just comforming and doing what was expected of me. Was I following my dreams to my fullest potential ?, did I even know what those dreams were? What would I need to do in order to fulfil them ?….. These questions led me to my awakening to the benefits of leading an intentional life and I would love for others to get the same benefits I have started to experience, and so my life coaching dream was born. I wanted to help and empower others to live intentional lives too. So here we are…. as a certified life coach my goal is to empower women to live intentional lives.

It can all start when you start asking, Im I living a life of my dreams? Im I living an intentional Life? What would I want to be rembered for ?… Im I doing that now? If you are ready to do the work to figure that out then I am your girl.

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