What is a life coach

When you hear the word coach , it is usally in relation to a particular sport. A coach in this respect is someone who trains a person or team in a particular sport or activity with the overall goal of getting them better. Given this definition does it then follow that a life coach is someone who teaches or trains a person about life? I have had all sorts of reactions when I have told people I am a life coach. Some people look at it as a foreign concept that they find muzing. “You mean people need a coach to help them live their lives”… I can understand why some people have this reaction towards the concept of a life coach. They personally do not see a need for a life coach but thay are able to see a need for sports coaches, or career coaches because these are traditional concepts. Not so long ago I was probably one of those individuals who would have questioned the concept of life coaches. That was until I was gifted a ticket to a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” live event. This exposed me to the personal development/ personal responsibility realm and is what ended up leading me towards the life coaching path. If I had so much potential within me what was stopping me from figuring out my dreams. Thats when I realized that sometimes we need help when we are starting out something new

One thing about personal development is that it is a continuos journey, it is not one of those things you dip in and out of. You are either commited or you are not. When you are fully commited you become honest with yourself and are then able to critically view your life and identify areas for improvement. It takes a certain amount of courage to do the deep work and to identify your lifes desires. Some people are able to do this themselves and others need help through coaching to figure out their lifes desires and go after them. This is where a life can be useful.

A life coach is someone who aids their clients in improving their lives. As an intentional life coach I empower my clients to live intentional lives. This is achieved through one on one sessions. In these sessions a lot of powerful questions are asked and my clients have to do the work to seek out answers. Are you living an intentional life? What does an intentional life look like for you? Are you living a life of your dreams? If not what do you need to do to live the life of your dreams? There are some of the tools and exercises that I use to help my clients seek out clarity and figure out the strategies that they can use to live the life that they seek to live or to achieve the goals that they aspire to achive.

The successful clients are the ones that are willing to take ownership of their journeys. These are the ones that are actively looking to improve their lives and are ready to acknowledge that they have the power to change their circumstances. If you are ready to explore what working with a life coach entails. You can reach out for an informative session.

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