How can you start your intentional life journey?Try Creating a Reflective Life MAP

Ok so you have slowly been digesting this concept of intentional living , you kind of like the idea, you would like to become more intentional and try out a few goals you have been putting off. Or you got turned down for that latest promotion you were going for and you dont quite know how to pick yourself up. Where can you start? When I am feeling down in the dumps over life I like to take the time to reflect back in life so that I can come to appreciate my journey so far. This is when I use a life map to help me,

A life map is a tool I like to use at the beginning of my relationships with my clients. It is also a tool that I have personally used in my life when I have found myself feeling stuck in my feelings. This usually happens when things have not gone as planned and the victim mentality takes over. When things don’t go as planned, it is easy to believe that your life sucks. When I find myself getting deeper into such thoughts I do a life mapping exercise.

I take the time to find a quite space where I wont be disturbed. I take out a piece of paper so that I can map out my lifes events. This is done by some deep reflection. Imagine you are at a starting line, usually the year you were born. Then I reflect on my lifes events since birth by putting deflections or inflections as I move forward in my reflection over the years. I make note of when major evednts happened such as starting school, graduating school, the birth of significant aquitances or the death of significant ones, the celebrations, the sad times, the happy times, the major purchases, the major achievements. I note all these until my present day. If you can imagine its not a straight line but one that has peaks and valleys.

The idea is to give you an illustrative presentation of your life. A life map is meant to remind you that life is full of ups and downs. Those peaks and valleys are what have made you who you are today, they havent broken you but have made you stronger. So even though you might be in a valley right now there is going to be a peak coming up any time soon. Reminding yourself where you have come from is sometimes the only reminder you need to reset and start living an intentional life.

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