How to get started? You need a Plan

In my last article I wrote about the 3 steps to an intentional journey, well the start of it anyway. As a reminder those steps were Decide, Define, and Describe. So, what comes after you have described the intentional life that you want. Simple, planning which would then be followed by action.

We tend to fail because our dreams seem so far fetched, which they usually are for the current place we are at in life. I will use my own personal example. When I was in my twenties I used to say I would retire by age 30 (intentional life goal) that is the description part. However, I had no plan and really did not know how to even get started on such a goal. So that goal remained in the description phase until I actually reached thirty and nothing had happened. Throughout my thirties I kept harping on about the same goal and guess what, nothing happened. I had no plan, I had no idea where to start and most of all I had a bunch of limiting beliefs.

Once I hit forty, I got more intentional…I don’t know if it was the realization that I was now forty that did it or what, but I got a new sense of purpose in me. Instead of just settling at I want to retire in five years I had to get intentional and ask empowering questions that would help me with an actula plan. So the type of questions that I had to ask were… what would I have to do in order to retire in five years? What does retirement actually mean to me? What would I do if I retired? Just by asking these questions alone I could then come up with answers or more questions, after all Rome was not built in a day. So I basically concluded that retirement was just me wanting financial independence and not necessarily giving up on work. I just wanted to be able to do what I wanted , when I wanted , without any financial limitations. Once I got clear on that, I was then able to work with my current situation. A lot of that involved laying out my financial situation for intense scrutiny. How much did I owe, how much would I need to survive etc etc. Then eventually through the work I had to work out how much I was spending currently, how much I would I be spending in retirement and how could I ensure that I would be able to survive retirement without my current income.

My creativity was then sparked, I had to create income streams that would enable me to fulfill my financial obligations. What once seemed impossible had become possible all through small steps. I am on that creating income streams phase of my retirement plan. I did the work and I am still doing the work, whether I retire in the 5 year time scale I gave myself remains to be seen. But at least I know that it is possible, and I know this because I created the time to answer some questions and come up with a plan.

Wondering how you can get started with an intentional life…get in touch for a no obligation discovery call.

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