I am a multifaceted individual and I consider myself to be a global citizen. I am a published author and keynote speaker and I want to use my platform to empower women to live intentional lives. When I am not being a mother,wife,daughter, sister, nurse, and friend you will find me absorbing some personal development content and enjoying my new found passion for running 5Ks.

Sometimes the most random events force us to address the deep rooted dreams that we don’t allow ourselves to think about

Fatsani Dogani

In September of 2016, I found myself faced with the unimaginable. My high school sweetheart and then hubby was diagnosed with a spinal tumor that suddenly required life saving surgery. As a veteran ICU nurse, I had mainly been on the other side of the care matrix. I therefore should have been prepared for the graphic informed consent process we had to go through as the surgeon explained what could potentially go wrong during the 9 hour operation. What I learned is that no ICU experience can prepare you for the emotions you experience when it is so close to home.

I experienced a multitude of emotions as I prayed and waited for the surgery to be over. I decided to focus on gratitude and I have seen how a grateful heart has served me well. Something was triggered in me that day in September,I like to call it an awakening. I had the realization that our life is not guaranteed and we are doing ourselves a disservice by not living to our full potential. I am therefore sharing my story and experience to empower women to live intentional lives.

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice. Its conformity.

Earl Nightingale

Sometimes it takes being down in the dumps to make the realization that a better life is possible for you. I am here to share that I was once down in the dumps and I am now learning to thrive. This has required a lot of work and it remains a work in progress. I am here to share that a better tomorrow is possible as long as you decide that you do want that better tomorrow. That is where intentional living comes in. Creating a vision for your future and taking the steps to intentionally get there. To get you started I am gifting you a simple goal setting workshop that you can download here.