As I sit here getting ready to attack 2020, I cant help but be appreciative of what I have been blessed with in my life. Family, friends, health, ambition, and even debt. All these things make me the person I am today. I am continually on a journey of self discovery, learning daily that learning actually never ends. Each challenge that I face becomes an opportunity for further development.

I have been able to accept my own personal limitations as what they are, fear of failure. That voice that likes to talk you out of doing things you want to do, that is fear. That is your own screwed up way of making you think you need to be protected from failure. The subconscious mind is an interesting concept worth getting your head around. Once you master it you will be amazed at how easily you will start allowing yourself to dream big and follow your dreams.

Have I mastered it? Nope, but I am willing to work at mine. I am starting off by choosing a word for the year. This is a personal development recommendation I have been coming across in my vast reading. Choose a word and mantra for the year and let that guide you in your goals and objectives for the year.

The word that I have chosen for myself is courage. I am going to need courage to fully commit 100% to my big goal for the year. I am determined to launch a Healthcare Consultancy business that will rely solely on my hard work and commitment and I realize that I am going to need courage to see it through. I also have a mantra that I will be using to get me through the times where procrastination will come a knocking. My 2020 mantra is If not now then when. My word and mantra for 2020 will create the basic foundation that will be required to work on my subconscious mind in order to keep me on the straight and narrow where my consulting business aspirations are concerned. I would like nothing more than to come back here 6 months from now to report back on what I would have achieved by then.

If you have never considered having a word and mantra for the year I urge you to come up with some and use those to help you in whatever you aspire to achieve this coming year.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani


Hello all, So I moved from my weekly blog posts to monthly blog posts and that was mainly for self care purposes. I am setting up a consulting business and I knew that would require a lot of my time. I already work full time, I am on a financial abundance journey, I have family and kids to also consider and added to that, I am an entrepreneur and want to show up 100%. I realized that some things had to go and the weekly blog post was one of the things I decided to cut back on. I am doing so much reading and note taking that I had to be creative in how I was spending my time. Needless to say I am still here and I will show up once a month until my situation changes again.

Well the last month of the year is upon us and I felt this was a great time for us to reflect on the year that’s about to end as we start to plan on our goals for the upcoming year.

Reflection in this context: an opportunity to reconsider events,thoughts, and feelings from a fresh perspective. I like to use reflection as a learning tool. Working in the medical field affords me with lots of opportunities for reflective practice. Such opportunities offers one the opportunity to identify areas where they do well and areas that might need some work.

I also encourage my direct reports to use reflection in identifying where they did well, where they could have done better and areas where they could benefit from more skill and knowledge development. Self assessment is in my opinion a better way of learning than relying on others to identify gaps.

Back to the topic at hand, I would encourage you all to look back at 2019 and identify where you did well, where you could have done better, and where you just straight up gave up. Celebrate your wins…you will be surprised by how much you have actually achieved this past year. I always surprise my self when I see the list of achievements I am able to come up with. Listing down your wins is a great way of showing yourself that you have actually achieved a lot.

Next identify where you didnt quite perform as you would have wanted, use this as a reflective exercise in order to identify your barriers. Ask yourself what went wrong? Was it a lack of resources, a lack of support, a lack of motivation? What can set you up for success if you were to try again?

Use this month to focus on you and what is important to you, use this reflective exercise to guide you in living your life by design, the way you want to live it.

I dont know about you, but my list of achievements from 2019 is awesome…I am proud to report that I carried through most of my goals. That makes me smile because it means that I am getting away from conformity and doing things that I want to do and not what society thinks I should be doing. I am living self leadership in practice. I am living my life on my terms by my design and there is no reason why you all cant do the same.

I am creating clarity around what is important to me and focusing on the activities that help me move towards the life I want. If I can create the ideal life I dont see why any one else shouldn’t.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani

Self Leadership

Hello All

I hope you are having a great week, if you have been following me for a while you will recall that one of my goals this year is to read 40 books that are somehow related to personal development and financial planning. At some point there I thought this was a bit out of reach but I now believe I will be able to achieve this goal. At this point I am on book number 26 meaning I only have to read 14 more books for the rest of the year no biggie.

One of the books I recently read was all about self leadership a term that I haven’t really come across. The full title of the book is ” Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager” …Increasing effectiveness through situational self leadership… discover the magic of no excuses (Ken Blanchard, Susan Fowler, Lawrence Hawkins). I am more in tune with the term self responsibility because I really believe we could all take a bit more responsibility for our lives. Self leadership is kinda similar although the focus was more about encouraging us to be our own leaders in our careers. What i loved about this book is that it was such an easy read, I couldn’t put it down I was done reading it in a day. A parable that talks through the process a young advertising goes through in realizing that he has to take responsibility in his own personal growth. Meaning he has to ask and seek out the training he needs to fulfill tasks that are unfamiliar to him. How many times do you go through life blaming circumstances or others for your own shortcomings. There is nothing wrong with not knowing something the problems begin when you decide to become a victim of the circumstances instead of the victor. Honesty is key if your boss gives you a task that you are unfamiliar with be honest enough to seek out clarification and training if need be… it will save you time and heart ache in the long run.

Self leadership means stepping up to the plate doing the deep work and assessing where you are and where you want to be in terms of your work goals, but it can also apply to your overall life goals. Have you honestly sat down and done a life assessment of where you are in terms of your life goals. Self leadership requires you to take the time to do such things. I do not want to speak for everyone but for the longest time my life was leading me and not the other way around. I want to lead my life… I want to be the leader of my career, my finances , my health etc… I want to do thing on my terms and in my time and self leadership makes me realize that this is all possible. I want to share a few quotes that really resonated with me from the book just to see how this concept can apply in your life.

Empowerment Is Something Someone Gives You. Self Leadership Is What You Do To make It Work”

I will let this sink in for a minute because that statement gave me chills, when you are empowered to do something do you do everything to make it work or do you find reasons and excuses about why you cant do it.

Ultimately, Its In Your Best Interest To Accept Responsibility For Getting What You Need To Succeed in The Work Place”

You are the best judge of where you are in the skills spectrum, what skills do you need to develop further to get the job done and to move beyond where you currently are.

An Assumed Constraint Is a Belief You Have, Based on Past Experience, That Limits Your Current And Future Experiences” That is me with excel , for the longest time I had this belief that I could never understand excel because it was way too complex, this is me with a PhD in epidemiology… we all have these assumed constraints. The key is taking ownership and acknowledging that these constraints are not helping us at all.

I could go on and own transcribing more nuggets from the book but i thin you will get more value from the book by reading it your self. I borrowed my copy from the library but you can get it from amazon here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you will consider self leadership in your own life. Sign up to receive more blog alerts as I publish them

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani


Hi Everyone

I would like to tackle the concept of fea, because whether we like it or not we face fear all the time. Some of us have become really good at recognizing it and facing it whilst others still struggle with fear.

Fear shows up whenever we are trying to better ourselves whether it be starting a new job, starting a new business, learning a new skill or trying to achieve new goals. Best believe fear will show up and it usually shows up as self doubt and negative self talk. We hate failure and when ever we are trying out something new we cant help but fear failure. No one likes to fail but at times this is sometimes the only path towards success. It would be amiss for me to say that you will always be successful in the endeavors that you decide to take on. I can say with certainty that you will definitely learn from trying how else would you know if what you are attempting will work out you have to think it through and try it out.

When faced with fear, acknowledge the feeling. Yes I am trying something new, yeah I am scared I might fail but so what. Will people laugh at me, maybe ….but who cares. This is something you are doing for you and not them. Do you truly believe that people spend that much time thinking about you? If they do then bohoo to them there is so much I know I would personally be doing with my free time than spend it talking about what so and so is doing, bu that is just me. I get scared, but I always feel out the fear and ask myself clarification questions.

1) Why I’m I scared?

2) What would it take to get over the fear?

3) Sowhat if I fail, what’s the worst that

could happen?

4) What do I have to learn to get the confidence to try it out?

5) Let’s say I tried and I succeeded, what would that mean for me?

6) What could I potentially learn either way?

7) How could I step it out so that the first step I need to take isnt as overwhelming as the big goal?

8) Who else has done this?

9) How did they do it?

10) If I came up with this goal it means that I can do it….I just have to work at doing it…then I would start to list out all the reasons why I can take on whatever it is that my mind has birthed in me.

Fear will always be there….look back at all the things you have been able to master and overcome…give yourself a pat on the back …you know what it it to overcome fear.

With love and gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani


Hello Everyone

This is not the first time I have written about goals and it wont be the last either. As I sit here writing about goals I ask myself why do they matter. Why do we need goals ? It is a philosophical question but I believe if you are on a journey of self discovery and living life to your full potential these are the types of questions you have to ask yourself. Would it not be weird if we all went around our day to day with no purpose, goals or intention. If we had no creative thoughts that we could follow through. I feel like life without goals and purpose would be rather strange so I feel goals are a necessary part of this thing called life.

I also believe that goals shouldn’t just be for the beginning of the year when we all whip out our notebooks and start jotting down our new years resolutions which we forget by the end of January. I feel goals should be ongoing and they should be revisited regularly. I was cleaning up the other day and I came across some old journals of mine, in them I had the grandest of goals, admittedly I have been able to achieve some of them but there are a lot others that I never followed through on, mainly because once I wrote them down I never bothered to put a plan into action as to how I could make them achievable. This year I tried a different strategy in addressing my goals and it is actually paying off. As the year has progressed I have also been reading and learning from others on how they address their goals and I have been in cooperating these into my own life. For starters I set myself the goal of improving my health and I had achievable goals set out for myself for where I was at.

I knew committing to something like 6 days of exercise a week was way beyond my reach and it would have made me a liar and failure, so I seriously looked at my life and commitments and opted for something that I knew I could achieve and that was exercise three times a week. This made it easier for me to make exercise part of my weekly routine. I had some weeks where 3 weeks was all I could manage and some great weeks where I was able to exercise 5 to 6 times a week. I then also started challenging myself and went completely outside my comfort zone and started running. I had always told myself I hated running and my body used to respond to this ongoing message reacting to the environment every time I would attempt walking or running outside. I would literally itch and scratch and come out in hives. I had convinced myself that I was allergic to running outside and also that I hated running. I actually just hated the fact that running made me feel so unfit.

I would step outside attempt to run and my heart would feel like it was about to burst out of my chest. This was not a feeling I enjoyed and so I never bothered trying until my sister started her running journey and actually run a half marathon. This had me revisit my running fear. I figured I could give it a try and I started off by walking to test out my itchiness. Then one day I just decided to run around our neighborhood lake and I surprised myself by not collapsing. My hurt did not burn as much and I realized that my weekly exercise regime had actually helped be develop my exercise endurance. I was able to recover quickly and control my breathing. As time progressed so did my running to the point where I made running a 5 k a goal of mine. I am happy to share that this past Saturday I run my first ever 5 K and I am here to share it as an encouragement to others.

My purpose in sharing this story is to show you that you can revisit and revamp your goals at anytime. They do not have to be written down once, you can have monthly and weekly reviews of where you are, how you are doing, where you need to slow down, where you need to seek help, and give yourself the congratulations you need to for maintaining and winning at those goals. That is where I am where my health goals are, I am celebrating a small win, I never once saw myself as a runner, but that is where I can now celebrate myself. I have decided to approach my life with a growth mindset. I will look at set backs as learning moments. That is not to say I will not say no to things I have no business trying, but I am willing to take on more challenges head on with the knowledge that if I win I win and if I fail, I will at least have learned something.

With Love and Gratitude

Fatsani Dogani

Time Investment

This weekend my sister came to visit me from out of State and the bonus was she came with her kids and hubby. She is really my best friend whom I have known since I was 9 years old…over time the lines between friendship and family have become blurred and she is now someone I consider my sister, we have literally grown up together.

We had a very hectic weekend, she arrived with her family on friday. We took opportunity of the precious time together to do as much as we could but the time just didn’t seem to be enough. That’s when I started reflecting on where I am investing my time and how that makes me feel. I find when I have a deep connection with someone time flies and I can be my authentic self without feeling the pressure of what topics to speak about. I am a teacher by nature in that I like to share what I know and this might at times be taken the wrong way by some. Those that get me, get me and they have no judgement or pre conceived ideas about where I am coming from or who I think I am. So I feel in some crowds I have to dim my light and just listen and observe, which I am actually okay with. This is not a ccomplaint just an observation.

I felt that this weekend went pretty well and way too fast, I was free to talk about my dreams, aspirations, and future plans without feeling judged or that I was over sharing. I felt that the time I have invested in nurturing my sisterhood and friendship becomes all worth while when I can see the positive feelings it brings to my spirit. I had the best time but still felt that the time wasnt long enough. One thing that I have learned is that I need to invest the time nurturing the relationships that matter to me. How do you ensure that you are nurturing the right relationships?


Hello All

Hope you are all doing great. I attended a conference this past weekend and the key note speaker had a very interesting topic. Her talk was titled ” Make Stress Work for You” I must say it was rather insightful. I am glad it was the first talk of the whole day because I was dealing with my own personal stress. Self imposed of course but I dealt better after listening to her talk and I actually learned something about myself. Let me put things into perspective.

I decided to incorporate family time with this conference… it was a 2 day conference and both days were early starts so I figured it would be great to get a nearby hotel and have the kids and hubby come along as well. Having the great friends that I have I was offered to be picked up from my hotel to be driven to the conference meaning that the hubby had the opportunity to sleep in with the kids. Long story short I left my phone in my friends car and didnt have it with me for the whole first day of the conference.

I realised straight away as soon as I sat down at the conference that I didn’t have my phone, the first thing I did was look for the phone in my purse and it wasnt there. You can imagine my panic and stress. I tried to think about where I could have left the phone. I borrowed my friends phone and called the hotel to find out if I had left it by their coffee bar. I knew I left the hotel room with it…when they told me that the phone hadn’t been handed in and that it wasnt at the coffee bar I was hoping it would be in my friends car but I had no way of knowing. Needless to say my stress levels were on the high side. I decided to make the most of it…how would I cope without my phone with me the whole day.

The stress talk definitely did help. I decided to make the most of it…not having my phone with me meant that I could be truly engaged and participate fully, and guess what I actually survived and nothing bad happened. What a realization…the world did not stand still…my heart kept beating…the world kept going. I leaned that a bit of a break from the phone is actually a good thing and I was stressing myself over nothing. Have you become a slave to your phone and does the lack of quick access cause you to have stress? Try taking a break from your phone and see that the world continues. Although I have gone a bit off tangent I just wanted to share that brief experience now onto the Stress talk.

I learned that stress can actually be used to work for us this is shared fully in this Ted talk by Kelly McGonigal who was the keynote speaker who can be seen in this you tube video

Listening to her talk taught me that there are different ways to cope with stress.

1. Rise to the challenge

2.Reach out to others

3. Learn and grow

I used all 3 coping mechanisms…I rose to the challenge by asking myself what’s the worst that could happen? , and the answer to that was nothing. I reached out to others by sharing the fact that I had lost my phone and I benefited from the social support, and lastly I learned and grew. I learned that lousing my phone albeit temporarily was not the end of the world and there are worse things that could happen. I was surprisingly calm and collected throughout the day and I will be honest I was still excited when I found my phone in my friends car exactly where I had unintentionally dropped it 7 hours earlier.

How are you embracing your stress? Stress when handled a certain way can actually show you that you have a meaningful life.

With Love and Gratitude

Dr Fatsani Dogani