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The key to living your dream life is to start taking the small steps. I went through an awakening or what others might call a midlife crises or wake up call a few years ago. My hubby had to have a spinal tumor removed and it was a 9 hour surgery. The informed consent process prior to was very graphic even for a then 17 year veteran nurse. I sat in that waiting room and went through all sorts of emotions; fear, anxiety, stress, then finally acceptance and peace.

I put on my big girl panties and went with gratitude, the way this tumor was found was nothing but miraculous….I share the story in my self published book ” Stop, Take a breath and Reasses Life” available on Amazon. I had to take time off work and had the aha moment of my life…we were living the life, 2 salaries, 3 cars, mortgage, kids in private christian school, credit card debt, mortgage etc but no real financial planning. Needless to say I soon came to the realization that something had to change. I have grown since then and I am more intentional and would love to get more ladies to start living intentional lives.

How you can work with meWorkshops: I run online and offline intimate goal setting workshops for women that are ready to up level their lives through intentional living

Masterminds: This is for those ladies that require ongoing support, this format allows for the establishment of deep connections with other like minded women.

One to One: I will occasionally work directly work with women that do better with one on one coaching.

Retreats: My favorite knowledge sharing format, I run a once yearly 1 week retreat that teaches goal setting and gets you primed for the life of your creation. My “Live with Intention” retreats also provide you with the opportunity to recharge and reset.

To help you get started on your personal journey to intentional living we have created this free goal setting workshop.

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